In a little house in a little town in New Zealand, lived a couple of Americans.  With a view of the ocean and the birds singing outside, the only problem was the stove; at least 50 years old, three feet tall, and made for a boat.  It gave a shock when one of the two electric burners was turned on, had an oven the size of a bread box without proper settings, and one burner only worked on a temperature so high that it burned everything.   So in summer,  salads were made with ingredients freshly picked from the garden, and in winter, everything was cooked in one pot using the one functioning burner.  The result was homemade vegetarian soups, stews, and curries galore, and the idea for One Pot Kitchen.

My love of cooking began at a co-op in college and has taken me from the New England Culinary Institute to Millennium Restaurant, from the opening of a cafe in Nelson, New Zealand to cooking classes throughout Asia, and back to the Bay Area to study nutrition.  My food is a product of my experiences; eclectic, adventurous, and thoughtful. 

When I'm not in the kitchen, you can find me making pottery, strolling the beach at Fort Funston with my dog, or walking the stairways of San Francisco with my husband.


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