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Honey, Cardamom, and Lime Spritzer

I know a lot of people don't drink plain water and like to jazz it up with either some lemon or cucumber.  My obsession with all things cardamom has turned into this drink which is great for summer time.  Make a batch of the syrup and add it to either still or sparkling water, or try it out with some champagne or even vodka if you are feeling festive.  

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Honey, Cardamom, and Lime Spritzer

serves 2


2 tablespoons honey

5 whole green cardamom pods, crushed with the back of a spoon so the pods are open and seeds are visible

1/4 cup water

1/2 lime


1.  Add honey, cardamom pods, and water to a small pot and place over low heat.  Stir to dissolve and make sure honey does not burn.  When honey has melted down and the mixture just begins to simmer, turn off heat and let sit until it has cooled to room temperature.

2.  Strain honey mixture through a sieve to remove cardamom, and keep mixture in a glass jar in the refrigerator.  When ready to use, add 2-3 tablespoons of mixture to a glass (depending upon how strong you want it), squeeze in the juice of half a lime, and fill with still or sparkling water and ice cubes.  Double or triple this concentrate to have on-hand throughout the week.  Cheers!

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