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What makes you different from other personal chefs?
I use my extensive travel experience and fascination with world flavors as a basis for my menus.  It's exciting to me to introduce my clients to new ingredients or spices they may have never tried before.  My One Pot package is also unique.  It allows you to have the personal chef experience but spend less and add your own sides, saving a bit of money.  In addition, my fee includes the cost of groceries, so you know exactly how much it will cost every week.

Should I be home when you are cooking?
I can work while you're away or at home, as long as I have full access to the kitchen.

Do you cook with fish, chicken, or any other meat?
No, all of the meals I make are either vegetarian or vegan.

I am only one person, do you make single servings?
All of my meals make at least four servings, however most meals are freezer-friendly, so nothing will spoil before you have a chance to eat it all.  I find that my single clients enjoy freezing their meals in individual portions which allows them to mix and match their dishes. 

How often do you come?
You can choose weekly or bi-weekly.

What if I don't have enough cookware?
During our initial interview, I'll take an inventory of what you have and what you're open for me to use.  I'll supplement the rest with my own equipment.  

What containers do you use?
Should you not have enough or appropriate containers on-hand, we'll determine the quantities you'll need and you're free to pick out the type that you prefer. 

Do I order from a menu?
I don't have a typical menu with long lists of dishes for you to choose from, although I do have "client favorites" that are often a starting point.  I'll create a menu for you each time I cook, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Which service package is right for me?
It depends upon how you like to eat.  If you like having a full, plated meal with a main dish and side, the Entree Package would be a good choice.  If you want to make your own sides and are looking to spend a little less, opt for the One Pot dishes and add your own rice or bread for a simple yet hearty meal.  These dishes also freeze very well, if saving the food for a later date is important. 

Where do you buy your ingredients?
I shop at Rainbow Grocery, Whole Foods, and farmer's markets.

Are there any extra costs?
Parking can be very difficult in the Bay Area, especially San Francisco.  If all-day parking is not readily available, for instance if there is only 2 hour permit parking in the surrounding area, I request that you provide short-term permits for me, which can be found here.  Some clients outside of San Francisco may incur a travel fee, depending upon the distance.   Short-term clients who do not wish to purchase permanent containers will be charged for plastic or compostable containers. 



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